As a New Zealand owned and operated Company with over 40 years of combined experience within the Security Industry, CVMS found a void in the market for an Enterprise Video Surveillance service package.

Designed to assist and advance the Surveillance industry through co-operation, development and education – CVMS has become NZ’s leading provider of Video Surveillance as a Service.

Professional CCTV

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Business Model

At our core our business model is about integrating clients’ CCTV cameras (existing or new) into a private virtual environment, serving all manner of organisations across the country. 

Using a range of globally - recognised Video Management Software platforms (VMS), we manage the camera video data, metadata and in-built analytic algorithms. The level of service, management and redundancy offered is second to none in the industry.

Our Story So Far...

Our VSaaS idea was brought to life and tested in - house for 18 months after design and deployment of large CCTV networks for Auckland Council and multiple Business Improvement Districts. We blew up many servers and binned at least a dozen underperforming platforms and failed many times before finally migrating into the VOCUS Communications Data Centre in 2018. 

Our testing and R&D was done after-hours and on weekends beginning with demo sites and concluding with live sites of up to 30 cameras around Q3 2018. Hundreds of hours of pre-virtualisation testing was undertaken before we finally migrated to VOCUS.

Initial VMS R&D was undertaken with 5 ubiquitous Video Management Software companies and during this time CVMS was asked to prove other systems effective in a virtual environment before promoting these distributor brands as a service. 

CVMS currently virtualise and support the following Video Management Software platforms: 

AXIS Camera Station, Network Optix - NX Witness VMS and Digifort Enterprise along with multiple 3rd party add on products to help maximise the benefits your cameras can produce.

CVMS is proud to include AXIS Camera Station, Network Optix - NX Witness VMS and Digifort Enterprise as part of our core offering. We promote and provide support to many of our CVMS registered integrators and provide these companies a point of difference in the market as local distributors can now offer these traditional server based VMS platforms as a VSaaS Solution.

We invest in the best technology and training so that you don't have to while being there 24/7 to ensure your sites are up and running so that you don't have to be