License Plate Recognition

A Complete System Based on an ‘as a Service’ Model

A huge advantage to the CVMS Solution architecture is the One-Click vCloud Updates. Arguably, the most challenging part of maintaining a Video Management Software is managing the frequent updates released by Developers to fix system bugs and improve functionality for end users.

Traditionally, Clients with multiple sites would need to schedule an Integrator for days or weeks and be liable for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in Servicing costs.
 With CVMS, updates are undertaken at a convenient time, across all Platforms, at no additional cost.

Facial Recognition

Video Surveillance as a Service
scales to meet any requirement

CVMS was designed to make Enterprise Video Management Software accessible and affordable for any Business – whether a single Camera or several hundred Cameras, the same Quality of Service remains through the vCloud.

CVMS opens channels for advanced Video Analytics to be added to any Surveillance System to improve operational processes, Health and Safety requirements and Security Monitoring for Clients.

Retail Analytics

Video Surveillance as a Service caters to the needs of the Client

The VSaaS model is built around the requirements of the Client - whether that is the single Camera retention configuration, Video recording to suit constant or motion through scheduling, or changing from one VMS Platform to another seamlessly.

Live Video from the vCloud can be shared with Video Monitoring providers to reduce on-site overhead costs, improve response times and reduce false call-out charges.